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The definition of education (according to is: “the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge,developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.” In other words education is: A process of learning that develops human beings to be equipped with knowledge, intellectual ability and reasoning.

Special Education

Special education as defined by Wikipedia is: ‘The practice of educating (refer to previous post for definition) students with special needs, in an effective way which addresses any/all of their individual needs and/or differences” In essence. Special education is educating those with individual needs by different means of practice

Specialized Education

Specialized education is defined by ‘My Brain’ as: “The practice of educating people with specific or specialized knowledge and intellectual understanding related to a series of life areas/engagements/requirements” For example: To become a Vet (Veterinarian) you need to have speciliazed education to teach you how to work with and treat animals effectively. Specialized education can … Continue reading Specialized Education

Australian Qualification Framework

The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) holds strong relation to Specialized education. Each Australian Qualification Framework, qualification type, includes set requirements for the overall construction of Australian Qualification Framework qualifications. These include: The levels of criteria, the qualification type description and information that relates to the responsibilities of developers, authorities and organisations. AQF qualifications make sure of national recognition, that expresses … Continue reading Australian Qualification Framework


If there is one thing that stands out for us most here at AFSE, it is that communication is absolute key. Without communication, you really have nothing, as your words shape your world. Whether dealing in personal, business or other aspect of your life, communication is key to not only send but more importantly receive messages … Continue reading Communication

Communication is Key

Without communication in today’s world, you truly have nothing, as your words shape your reality. Whether managing in individual, business or another part of your life, openness is of the utmost importance for send as well as all the more essentially get messages and discussion. AFSE place extraordinary accentuation into the greater part of our … Continue reading Communication is Key

Strategies for Managing Children with Special Needs

Children can be challenging to care for and teach. Children with special needs are even harder. From Asperger’s syndrome to conditions that are less well-defined, educators and parents alike can find themselves confounded by a special needs child. There are many ways of handling these kids. There are education courses that can cover this knowledge. … Continue reading Strategies for Managing Children with Special Needs